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Karvis -- Karaoke Visualization -- Help Page

Karvis is an application that allows the user to make or download lyrics of songs
and process them to have a 'karaoke style' visualization.

It needs Winamp 2 to play songs
but could be expanded to support more players.

When a song (in mp3 format) is selected, KarVis searches on the local hard drive
or on the online databases for the lyric, and if found, he uses it.

Creating a new 'karaoke lyric' could be difficult the first time but here you got some help:

First of all you need the song, in mp3 format; let's say it could be 'Mr_Bungle_Desert_Search_for_Techno_Allah.mp3'.
Then you need to create a new folder in your KarVis installation path named 'lyrics'.
Here you have to create a new text document named 'Mr_Bungle_Desert_Search_for_Techno_Allah.txt'.
Now play the song and edit the text file created above...
At the beginning you will listen some seconds of introduction, lets say 8 seconds.
So at the first line of the text document we will write '<8000>'.
The 'minus' and 'major' characters was choosen for convenience to indicate the timing.
Feel free to use all the other characters exept those two.
The <8000> written above tells to KarVis to wait 8 seconds.
Then you could write on a new line:
<2000>All but the truth - forget
This means that KarVis will display 'All but the truth - forget' for 2 seconds...
You can also write something like:
<400>And<300> from<400> <600>this <400>union <1000>cup
In that way KarVis will first display the whole sentence, in black, and at given times will make the word became red
giving the 'karaoke' impression.
That's all, have fun!!!

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